Tammie Bryant
My artistic style can be described as thought provoking layers of imagery. It is more about questioning rather than telling. Every artistâs challenge is to find their own voice. Mine begins with asking myself, "Why are things the way they are?" | THE GOLDEN RULE | 36" X 36" | oil, enamel, gold leaf | During the death of Osama bin Laden, the opinions ranged from left to right. I felt that if the world lived by the Golden Rule there would be no fighting. However, I feel that the world's Golden Rule is, "whatever you do to me, I will do it back to you." | LOST LIBERTY | 48" X 36" | oil, gold leaf | Liberty is the state of being free from oppressive restrictions imposed by an "authority" on one's way of life, behavior, or views. I feel that the liberty so many gave their lives for is slowly being taken away - by our own hands. Political correctness, lifestyle taxes, and special interest groups are telling us how we should live our lives. Whether it's due to ignorance, empathy, or frustration, we must not let our liberty become lost.