Art as an Investment

Our pioneering platform is rapidly changing the landscape of the art industry by eliminating galleries completely from the selling environment in favor of a new model that pairs artists directly with collectors. Tradition has its place, but so does progression and revolution.

By eliminating galleries, we eliminate commission, a premium charge of up to 60% added to artists’ work by galleries around the globe. By eliminating the gallery commission, you, the collector, save money on your investment and the artist is able to price her work fairly and within market range.

We consider our artists to be at the “tipping point” of their careers and are proud to introduce and present their work directly to you, the collector.

A New Experience

Maybe you are not looking for an investment, but our diverse talented artists have something for everyone. If you are looking to spice up a bare wall in your home or office, looking for a gift for the holidays or other special event, or simply just looking to have an evening out that offers you something new and exciting, Conception Art events are the place for you.

You may not have given the arts much thought in the past, but we at Conception know that taking in an evening with our artists will open your eyes, and mind to a whole new beautiful experience. We look forward to offering you something out of the ordinary.

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No Commission
Purchase artwork directly from the artist, no commissions.
Shop Local - Did you know that when you buy art from local artists, a significant share of your money remains in the community? Roughly $68 of every $100 spent at a local business stays in the local economy.
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